The Guild Institute

Mill Tapestry Project

The Mill Tapestry depicts the Dorr Mill and the village of Guild from the point of view of a young girl. She looks out of her upstairs bedroom window, in housing built by the mill, at her grandmother—Lula Wiggins – walking home, out of the mill yard from her day’s work in the weave room. The rural mill village of Guild is shaped around this personal and panoramic vision. The Mill Tapestry Project will be completed in 2005 with funding from the LEF Foundation.

On display at the Biennial is this tapestry sample (above) of the design for the Mill Tapestry. The original design is a 4’ x 9’ drawing created with prisma color pencil crayon (above in background). To see the tapestry in progress please contract Patryc Wiggins (information left of page).