The Guild Institute
Biennial V International Tapestry Exhibition
September 22, 2004 through January 23, 2005
organized by the American Tapestry Alliance

The Guild Institute is a nonprofit organization born out of the vision and leadership of tapestry weaver and economic visionary Patryc Wiggins. Its mission is to foster industry leadership in economic development in the public interest through community research, education, advocacy, projects, programs, planning and policy. Activities are inspired by and conducted with partners in regional precision machining and advanced manufacturing

Recent projects of the Guild Institute included hosting the Biennial V International Tapestry Exhibit September 22, 2004, through January 23rd, 2005. Biennial V is a juried international exhibit organized by the American Tapestry Alliance (ATA), typically held at arts centers and museums in the western United States. Its first east coast appearance celebrates the cultural heritage of Guild and the surrounding region by its showing at the Dorr Mill.

The exhibit featured 39 artists from the United States.